• Faithful to my Homeland, the Republic of Poland




    Welcome to the Embassy of Poland's Press Department.


    We monitor U.S. media coverage about Poland and keep Poland's government informed on an ongoing basis of how news on Poland is being reported.


    We run the Embassy's public diplomacy program, which includes outreach on our social media sites - Facebook, Twitter, YouTube.


    We monitor U.S. media usage of factually incorrect usage of terms relating to German Nazi concentration and death camps related in occupied Poland. In instances where the camps are incorrectly attributed to Poland, we write to the editors and encourage others to do the same. Check our “How-To Guide Against Polish/Concentration Camps” for helpful information on how to react.


    We are in charge of Polish and U.S. press contacts for Embassy events, as well as high-level visits by government authorities officials from Poland.


    We are also the editors, writers and webmasters of this website.


    We encourage you to stay in touch with us here, and on our social media sites. You can email us with questions or comments at


    Very kind regards,

    ~The Press Team

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