• Faithful to my Homeland, the Republic of Poland



  • Welcome to the website of the Department of Science and Technology of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Washington. The principle aim of the Department's mission is to strengthen and intensify traditional ties between Polish and American scholars. Along with the European Union Member States, the United States of America is the main strategic partner for Poland's community of scholars.


    The main objectives of our operations are:


    • To provide and exchange information and facilitate cooperation between Polish and American governmental institutions in terms of research policy, education and technology transfer.
    • To initiate and facilitate cooperation between Polish and American partners in terms of R&D and technology transfer.
    • To create favorable conditions for the enhanced presence of Polish science, education and technologies in the USA and of American science, education and technologies in Poland, by initiating and facilitating the exchange of personnel.
    • To promote Polish research centers as an attractive place for the development of a career in scholarship.
    • To promote Polish universities among American students.


    We try to focus mainly on the American scientists of Polish origin and on the institutions represented by these scientists. We act for the integration of this community and in order to strengthen its ties with Poland.

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