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  • 14 June 2019

    I am pleased, that, in addition to military security, which we receive from the United States through cooperation within the North Atlantic Alliance, there is also energy support from the United States in the form of this trade exchange.


    Distinguished Mr. Secretary of Energy,

    Dear Ministers,

    Dear CEO’s,

    Ladies and Gentlemen!


    This is indeed a very significant moment for me. A few months ago, the way I am standing here right now, I was standing in a similar place in Poland, in the port of Swinoujscie, in front of the gas terminal named after Polish President Lech Kaczynski, and we were talking then about  an open window to the world that was created in our country, through which gas supplies from all over the world, particularly from the United States could obtained in our country.


    Today I am here, in the United States, in Sabine Pass, in the gas port owned by Cheniere which has signed a contract with Poland, with our company - the Polish Oil and Gas Company - for the supply of liquefied gas to Poland. As the Secretary of Energy has just noted, the first gas tankers will soon be leaving in order to supply the Swinoujscie terminal and our part of the European gas network.


    Mr. Secretary, I would like to wholeheartedly thank you for this. I would also like to thank Minister Piotr Naimski for his extraordinary commitment and even his exemplary cooperation in creating energy security for the Republic of Poland. If one should ask how a policy translates into the life of a nation and its security, then perhaps this is the most telling example.


    Two years ago, in 2017 around this time of the year, I also spoke in Warsaw at with the President of the United States, Mr. Donald Trump. The President asked me then what the structure of our gas market was like and whether we could buy gas from the United States. I said at the time that if supplies were stable and the prices were good, we would certainly be able to buy: our newly opened gas terminal could receive supplies from all over the world. And the President said: "OK, let's do that" - Let's do it!


    And here, Ladies and Gentlemen, you can see today the results. Poland receives gas from the United States. It flows not only to our country, but – as I hope - will also flow to the entire region of Central Europe. It is not only the question of our security -of the Republic of Poland - but it is also a question of the security of Central Europe, where the countries of the so called Three Seas Initiative stretch. Energy security is needed not only in Poland, but in the entire area spanning the Baltic Sea, the Adriatic Sea and the Black Sea. The area which until recently was subject to unquestionable rule of the Russian Gazprom.


    Following the Ukrainian experience, after the Russians proved themselves to be able to suddenly interrupt the supply of this much needed, indispensable raw material, we have all learned a tragic lesson. We need diversification of supplies - diversification of their sources. I am pleased that today we can buy and receive gas for Poland and Central Europe from one of the world's largest powers, one of the world's largest economies and an absolute hegemon in the global gas market.


    If anyone should wonder about the volumes and whether it pays off for the United States, suffice it to say that the Three Seas Initiative is a combined market of its participating countries, which today represents annual GDP of USD 1.9 trillion. In about 10 years, it will be $2.6 trillion. Realistically, it is expected that during this time the average growth rate, and all our countries are developing dynamically, will amount to about 2.4% of GDP annually. Specifically, when it comes to the demand for gas investments by 2030 or so, it will stand at USD 18 billion.


    We will have to spend the total of about USD 24 billion on new electricity transmission projects. We will spend about USD 57 billion on distribution of electricity. Together, this gives an amount of over USD 100 billion. Is it worth competing for? I'm sure it is worth it! I am therefore delighted that Poland is the first country in Central Europe to have just signed these agreements with companies from the United States and that we are the first supplier of LNG to our part of Europe.


    We are expanding the network of gas interconnectors, and in the coming years will continue to expand it in cooperation with our neighbours. I am convinced that we are an excellent customer who is very promising when it comes to gas consumption. We need a good price and good terms. "Good terms" means, above all, security of supply. This way that we will be able to develop our economies and also to ensure a peaceful life for our citizens.


    I am pleased, Mr. Secretary, that, in addition to military security, which we receive from the United States through cooperation within the North Atlantic Alliance, there is also energy support from the United States in the form of this trade exchange. Thank you once again for all your efforts and your remarkable work to make sure that these contracts and the gas bridge between Europe and the United States - Poland and the United States - can be achieved.


    Undoubtedly, with this type of security and this type of cooperation together with the cooperation between us in the military field, a new era of cooperation has opened between the United States, Poland and Central Europe. I am delighted to be able to take part in these extraordinary projects for the benefit of my country.


    Thank you once again, Mr. Secretary, and I believe that this is the road that will take us very far towards a happy future - both Poland and the United States.


    God bless Poland, and God bless United States of America!


    Thank you.


    Chancellery of the President of the Republic of Poland

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